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UltraFiber 500®

As the only fiber that accepts color and finishes clean, UltraFiber 500® is the natural choice for architectural and decorative concrete. Solomon Colors is proud to offer this unique reinforcing fiber, uniquely suited for aesthetic concrete without sacrificing any engineering performance.

UltraFiber 500 Cellulose Microfiber Pellets

Solomon UltraFiber 500® is cellulose fiber reinforcement for industrial, commercial, residential, architectural and decorative applications. It also provides an excellent alternative to traditional secondary reinforcement – improving durability, impact resistance, shatter resistance, and freeze/thaw resistance without compromising appearance or finishability.

What Is UltraFiber 500

Solomon UltraFiber 500 is the only alkaline resistant cellulose fiber reinforcement. It is perfect for commercial and residential slabs, composite metal decks, paving, pervious paving, curb and gutter, slip form, architectural and decorative, shotcrete, wall, and white topping applications. UltraFiber 500 cellulose fiber accepts color better than any other commercially available fiber.
UltraFiber 500 provides excellent secondary reinforcement, is safe and easy to use, and provides superior finishability. It can replace traditional secondary reinforcement while improving durability, impact resistance, shatter resistance, and freeze/thaw resistance. Bonding between rebar and cement paste is improved while concrete permeability and absorption are reduced. Unlike polypropylene fiber, UltraFiber 500 is invisible in concrete, does not ball, fuzz, or blemish. It yields an aesthetically perfect finish with no special finishing practices. Also, unlike polypropylene fiber, UltraFiber 500 is derived from renewable resources.
UltraFiber 500 has superb finishing quality, unsurpassed crack control, better hydration and bonding, is great for decorative and colored concrete, and utilizes an automated dispensing system.

UltraFiber 500 Concrete Reinforcement


100% of the cellulose in UltraFiber 500 is sustainably sourced from responsibly managed forests. For every tree harvested to make UltraFiber 500, several more are planted it in its place. Using UltraFiber 500 actively promotes healthy, growing forest ecosystems that help the environment and animal habitats.
Unlike synthetic fibers derived from polluting, nonrenewable petroleum, the cellulose fibers in UltraFiber 500 help the environment. Trees absorb carbon dioxide found in the atmosphere. These greenhouse gasses are essentially sequestered in the concrete when UltraFiber 500 is used. Not only does UltraFiber 500 improve concrete, it helps protect the environment and manage natural resources.

Decorative Stamped Concrete
Strength & Durability

UltraFiber 500 has been proven to reduce plastic shrinkage cracking, improve durability, and decrease the effects of freeze/thaw.

Commercial Burnished Floor

Cellulose is hydrophilic. This means that, unlike polypropylene and other synthetic fibers, UltraFiber 500 absorbs water and improves concrete/hydration. This makes for stronger concrete with less internal micro-cracking.

Cellulose Microfiber
Alkali Resistance

UltraFiber 500 meets ASTM and ICC standards for alkali resistance. The UltraFiber 500 fibers will not deteriorate or lose strength when exposed to high alkali environments.


UltraFiber 500 is the only fiber for decorative concrete. With no balling or fuzzing, UltraFiber 500 will not affect the appearance of the concrete. UltraFiber 500 is the only fiber on the market that will accept color, making it ideal for colored concrete and stained concrete.

Concrete Fiber Used In Stamped Concrete


With an industry-unique automated dispenser, UltraFiber is the safe and efficient choice. The UltraFiber Automated Dispenser doses precise loadings of fiber directly into the mix, without workers manually handling sacks of fiber. Water-soluble 1 lb. and 1.5 lb. bags make manual dosing simple. 600 lb. super sacks are designed for Automated Dispenser maximum ease and efficiency.
UltraFiber Bin Loading