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UltraFiber 500 Overview

Solomon UltraFiber 500

Making decorative concrete better than ever. One of the fastest growing trends in home improvement today, is the application of concrete in decorative and ornamental settings. And a big reason for this popularity is the revolutionary improvement in concrete finishing, durability, and quality led by UltraFiber 500.

In the past, contractors faced a difficult decision when using concrete for decorative purposes. They had to choose between using polypropylene reinforced concrete - which leaves unsightly surface fuzz and blemishes – or using concrete with no fiber which can result in premature cracking and reduced strength. In other words, it was a no-win situation. But with UltraFiber 500, concrete finishers get superior crack resistance and smooth, blemish-free surfaces in one convenient solution.

In a 1.5 lb. dose, UltraFiber 500 has 20 times the fibers and 28 times more surface area than the same amount of traditional polypropylene fiber. You get more fibers dispersed throughout the concrete that can intersect more microcracks and disperse more energy. In addition, typical polypropylene fibers have minimal, if any, bonding with the concrete mix. In contrast, the natural UltraFiber 500 cellulose fiber shows significant bonding with the mix, which further increases strength and resistance to wear.

Another major advantage of UltraFiber 500 is its ease of use in the decorative process. It improves release from stamps, skins, and molds with both dry and liquid release agents. Furthermore, UltraFiber 500 is completely compatible with stains and dyes. Because polypropylene is made of petroleum, it repels moisture and cannot absorb coloring agents commonly used in the decorative process. But because UltraFiber500 is a natural cellulose fiber, it absorbs pigments, stains, and dyes without any problem at all.

UltraFiber 500 is unparalleled in surface finishing quality. With polypropylene, concrete finishers risk balling, clumping, fuzz, and other big problems in decorative applications. But UltraFiber 500 gives finishers smooth, blemish-free surfaces every time so call-backs and dissatisfied customers are virtually eliminated.

There’s no better solution than UltraFiber 500. It provides superior crack reduction, makes the decorative process easier than ever, and delivers smooth, blemish-free surfaces. And it gives contractors a major advantage in improving the quality of their work and building more business.