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Dry Integral Concrete Color

Dry Integral Color is the simple, cost effective way to color concrete. Easily dose color on the job-site or at Ready Mix plants. Create consistently and uniformly colored concrete using Solomon Colors Dry Integral Color.

Quality Pigment
Solomon Colors Dry Integral Color is ASTM C979 compliant. It is free of extenders and fillers for consistent, brilliant color at lower loadings than the competition. Dry Integral Color will not react with atmospheric conditions, wash out, or fade when properly mixed and dosed.

Accurate color dosing is made simple with Solomon Colors’ convenient 6.25 pound and 25 pound repulpable bags. Just use the easy-to-read dosing instructions on the Solomon Colors color card to quickly know exactly how many pre-measured bags of pigment you need. 50 pound non-repulpable bags and custom bagging are available.

Solomon Advantage
Solomon Colors blends and packages our 64 standard Dry Integral Colors in Springfield, IL and Rialto, CA. Each batch of each color is lab checked for quality and consistency. Custom color blending is available with the Solomon Colors Color Lab. With Solomon Colors Dry Integral Color, the color possibilities are nearly endless.

Dry Pigment Concrete Color Dosage Chart
Dry Integral Color for Concrete, Concrete Color

Solomon Dry Integral Color Packaging

  • 25 lb. & 6.25 lb. repulpable bags
  • 50 lb. non-repulpable bags
  • Custom bagging

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