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Staining Systems

Stained concrete is a classic decorative finish. It doesn’t matter if it’s specified from the beginning or applied to a years’ old concrete slab, staining is a versatile and attractive option for a wide range of concrete. Everything from large applications of a single color to detailed designs and patterns is possible.


Blush-Tone Acid Stain
  • Bring naturally varied and unrepeatable color to concrete. Blush-Tone Acid Stain creates permanent, earthy, and classic coloration.
  • The same visual effects as an acid stain without the acid. For a safer and more environmentally friendly option, use Brickform E-Stain.
ARTesian Stain
  • Get hundreds of colors at your fingertips. Whether it a massive job or just small details, ARTesian water-based stains are easy to apply. Dilute and blend them to create custom effects.
Pro-Dye Plus
  • ProDye Plus is a fast-drying dye that gives applicators access to vibrant colors, perfect for interior concrete. Use water or acetone as a base for different color effects.


DAY1 Finishing Aid
  • Improve finishing time even in adverse conditions. Compensate for low bleedwater environments. Enhance concrete performance.

Surface Preparation

Neutra Clean
  • Neutralize the slab after etching using Neutra Clean. This neutralizing agent and mild cleanser help sealers adhere by neutralizing acid and balancing the pH of the concrete.
  • Remove existing sealer using this environmentally friendly, citrus-based stripping agent. Allow new materials, including stains, overlays, and sealers, to better penetrate and adhere by removing the old sealer.
  • E-Etch is an environmentally friendly etching and degreasing agent perfect for surface preparation and maintenance.


  • Protect concrete and enhance color with a moderate gloss.
  • Protect concrete and enhance color with a wet look and high gloss.
  • Protect concrete and enhance color with a high gloss and pre-mixed Traction Grip
Stealth-Seal WB
  • Protect concrete with minimal impact on color or finish.

Interior Sealers

Uremax WB
  • Low gloss, satin finish protection with color enhancement.
Premium Acrylic Floor Finish
  • Protect interior sealed concrete floors with a sacrificial coating. Recoat up to 100 times without stripping.