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Resurfacing Systems

When the existing concrete is structurally sound but visually unappealing, a decorative concrete overlay can help. Or maybe it is time for an upgrade and the property owner doesn’t want to deal with tearing out and replacing the existing slab. Decorative concrete overlays can help with that, too.


Triple Seven Bond Coat
  • Help the overlay stick to the substrate by applying Triple Seven Bond Coat as a primer.


SM Professional Grade
  • SM Professional Grade is a versatile cementitious overlay that can be sprayed, troweled, or squeegee applied. SM Professional Grade is great for outdoor uses, such as patios and pool decks.
  • Thin-set microtoppings allow you to create a whole new floor! Micro-Topping is perfect for covering up blemishes and giving a fresh canvas for stains, stenciled patterns, or clean colored overlay.
Stampable Overlay
  • Stamp texture without pouring a new slab. Stampable Overlay is a thick overlay compatible with Brickform stamps and textures. Breath new life into an existing concrete slab.


Overlay Liquid Colorant
  • Color Brickform overlays integrally. Available in the Brickform Standard Colors.
Color Hardener & Antique Release
  • Use with OL-60 Stampable Overlay.
Blush-Tone Acid Stain
  • Bring naturally varied and unrepeatable color to concrete. Blush-Tone Acid Stain creates permanent, earthy, and classic coloration.
  • The same visual effects as an acid stain without the acid. For a safer and more environmentally friendly option, use Brickform E-Stain.
ARTesian Stain
  • Get hundreds of colors at your fingertips. Whether it a massive job or just small details, ARTesian water-based stains are easy to apply. Dilute and blend them to create custom effects.
Pro-Dye Plus
  • ProDye Plus is a fast-drying dye that gives applicators access to vibrant colors, perfect for interior concrete. Use water or acetone as a base for different color effects.
  • Cem-Coat creates opaque color over existing cementitious and masonry surfaces. It is great for restoration, new color, and stenciling.


  • Protect concrete and enhance color with a moderate gloss.
  • Protect concrete and enhance color with a wet look and high gloss.
  • Protect concrete and enhance color with a high gloss and pre-mixed Traction Grip
Stealth-Seal WB
  • Protect concrete with minimal impact on color or finish.

Interior Sealers

Uremax WB
  • Low gloss, satin finish protection with color enhancement.
Premium Acrylic Floor Finish
  • Protect interior sealed concrete floors with a sacrificial coating. Recoat up to 100 times without stripping.