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Polishing Systems

Polished concrete is widely used in commercial, retail, and industrial spaces due to it’s durability and economical nature. It is also increasingly found in high-end, modern residential spaces. No matter the structure, polished concrete can meet your performance and decorative needs.


Lythic Densifier
  • Densify concrete using innovative colloidal silica technology. Free of the metallic salts found in other densifiers, Lythic Densifier is the superior choice.


Integral Color
  • Reduce labor costs by integrally mixing pigment in the concrete. This yields a fully colored concrete slab that will retain the base color no matter how much it wears down, chips, or cracks
Pro-Dye Plus
  • ProDye Plus is a fast-drying dye that gives applicators access to vibrant colors, perfect for interior concrete. Use water or acetone as a base for different color effects.


Lythic Protector & Lythic SPD Protector
  • Use the same colloidal silica technology to protect polished concrete. Lythic Protector & SPD Protector maintain shine and slip resistance while protecting from staining and penetration.


Lythic Cleaner
  • Maintain polished concrete’s brilliant appearance and performance with Lythic Cleaner.