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The QuickColor Granular System by Solomon Colors

The Solomon Colors QuickColor Granular System is the efficient and intuitive options for blending packaged color on demand. Reduce inventory by eliminating the need to stock dry bags. The QuickColor Granular System allows retailers to sell custom blended color on demand or gives ready mix producers an easy way to sell prepackaged color for concrete. Dispense color into buckets or bags with unparalleled ease and accuracy.

QuickColor Granular Systems are easy to operate. Simply place the bag or bucket on the trolley. Follow the instruction on the convenient touch screen. The system allows operators to select any standard Solomon Colors color, competitor colors, and custom blends. Enter the amount of concrete needing dosed, the cement content of the order, and the number of bags requested. The dispenser loads the necessary blend of pigment automatically. Finally, the system logs every order and prints a job label for the bag or bucket.