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ColorFlo® Liquid Color

Liquid color pigment for concrete
Uniform, consistent color with the highest solids content in the industry has made Solomon Colors ColorFlo Liquid Color the industry choice for over 30 years. Solomon ColorSelect and QuickColor Systems allow thousands of consistent colors on demand with only 4 or 5 ColorFlo primary colors.

Highest Solids Content
ColorFlo liquid color has the highest solids content in the industry – between 60% and 70%. Customers use, on average, 20% less liquid color per treated yard of concrete with ColorFlo liquid color. Use less pigment to get the same color, saving time, money, and freight.

Innovative Packaging
The signature Solomon Colors V-Bottom Tote virtually eliminates pigment waste. It is stackable and easily moved with a forklift, for efficient operation and pigment transfer. Other standard packaging ranges from 10 ounce bottles to 5 gallon buckets. There’s a perfect volume for every size customer.

The Solomon Advantage
Solomon Colors started blending liquid pigment for concrete in 1986, and we have been the leaders ever since. With the largest liquid color production capacity in North America, a history of innovation, and an industry leading Color Lab, you can count on Solomon Colors to provide the best liquid color for any time, for any project, in any quantity.

ColorFlo® Liquid Color Packaging

  • 10 oz. bottles
  • 1, 2, 3 & 5 gal. buckets
  • 600 lb. drums
  • 2000 and 4000 lb. V-bottom totes

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V-Bottom Totes

ColorFlo® V-Bottom Tote System

Standard industry IBC totes are designed with flat bottoms that do not allow for complete pigment drainage. A significant amount of pigment remains in the totes, meaning customers pay for pigment they never use. Solomon Colors has never been satisfied with the “industry standard”, so we developed the V-bottomed Tote and Delivery system to simplify pigment handling and eliminate waste. The system includes a recyclable V-bottom tote that is securely stacked on top of a stationary V-bottom supply tote for pigment transfer. The V-bottom design means all of the pigment drains from the recyclable tote into the stationary tote – clean and easy, with no pigment wasted.

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