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Solomon ColorSelect Container Dispensing System

Solomon Colors offers an alterative if your plant configuration does not lend itself to our standard ColorSelect® System. The Container System is an all-weather enclosure that houses all the components of the ColorSelect® Pro System. This includes the ColorSelect® totes, pump control panel, and weigh chamber. The Container System can also be configured to include a liquid Bucket Table. The control panel and pumps come prewired and preplumbed making it easy to get your Container System online.

The Solomon Colors ColorSelect Container System can be customized for ground discharge or gravity discharge. Gravity discharge allows for faster dispensing and reduced water usage when flushing. However, the weigh chamber must be placed above the trucks to function. Ground discharge eliminates the need for exposed color lines and is easier to install. If discharging over a distance greater than fifty feet, this will increase dispensing time and rinse water usage.

The Container System is insulated and heated, making it well suited for all climates. Conveniently packaged in an 8’ by 8’ by 20’ container, the Container System is compactly packaged and easy to place within most ready-mix facilities. All it needs at installation are electric, water, air, and communication hookups, a discharge line, and ample room for external refill totes.