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Solomon Colors Bucket Table

The QuickColor® Bucket Table dispenses liquid color directly into a variety of bucket sizes. It provides retailers an accurate and cost-effective way to supply their customers with liquid color. The QuickColor® Bucket Table eliminates the need to warehouse bags of dry color. With only four or five totes of liquid color, you can create the entire line of Solomon Colors colors, competitor matches, and custom blends. There is no waste or guess work. In just a few minutes, you can have precisely measured buckets of color ready to go to the jobsite.

With the Solomon Colors QuickColor® Bucket Table, color is always consistent. The system measures the precise amount of pigment needed and dispenses it directly in the bucket. With the Transfer Pod system, it is easy to dose buckets of color into the ready-mix truck. The system sits at ground level. Pre-measured buckets of liquid pigment are emptied into the Transfer Pod and pumped directly into the mixer. The Transfer Pod can be used at the jobsite or ready-mix plant.