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Brickform® Stealth-Seal

Lythic Polished Floor

Brickform® Stealth-Seal is non-film forming water and oil repellent that effectively protects and preserves the natural appearance of any surface it’s applied on. Stealth-Seal works by creating an invisible barrier at the surface level through a chemical reaction between the sealer and the cement paste, it allows vapor transmission while strongly repelling water and oil, this qualities make Stealth-Seal ideal for any surface that needs protection from stains and the elements. Stealth-Seal may be applied to a variety of natural materials, concrete and any cementitious surface. Use Stealth-Seal Premium, for added protection and longer lasting performance.

Brickform Stealth-Seal
Brickform Stealth-Seal TIS:

Brickform Stealth-Seal TIS
Brickform Stealth-Seal SDS:

Brickform Stealth-Seal SDS
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