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Lythic® Protector

Lythic Polished Floor

Lythic® Protector simplifies maintenance on densified surfaces. It improves stain resistance while enhancing color and improving traction on polished surfaces. Lythic Protector does this by bonding additional silica to the concrete to further extend water repellence and stain resistance. Lythic Protector cures for foot traffic within hours of application.


  • Simplifies Maintenance
  • Extends Stain Resistance
  • Improves Traffic-Wear Resistance
  • Improves Traction
  • Enhances Color
  • Multiple Applications Over Prolong Periods
  • Works with or without Burnishing
  • Concentrate and Ready-To-Use formulas
Lythic Protector TIS:

Lythic Protector TIS
Lythic Protector SDS:

Lythic Protector SDS
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