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Brickform® Pro-Dye

Lythic Polished Floor

Brickform® Pro-Dye penetrates the surface of newly cured or existing non-porous concrete, creating a layer of translucent color that dries quickly and will not chip, crack, or peel. The colors produced in each section of concrete will be unique with captivating, multi-colored intensities that become a permanent part of the concrete. Colors can be combined to create an unlimited number of color variations. When applied properly, Pro-Dye creates intense color that has a look similar to the mottling effect of acid stain. Pro-Dye is packaged in liquid form to be mixed in proportion to acetone. Pro-Dye is durable enough for commercial applications like restaurants, showrooms and retail spaces. It can be used to create vivid, new color for interior floors or concrete countertops. Pro-Dye can also be used to correct areas where acid stains have little or no reaction on the concrete surface. Pro-Dye is excellent in vertical applications, stencils, and logos because it dries so quickly

Brickform Pro-Dye

  • Interior Use Only
  • Easy To Spray Apply
  • Dries Quickly
  • Use Any Spray-On Sealer
Brickform Pro-Dye TIS:

Brickform Pro-Dye TIS
Brickform Pro-Dye SDS:

Brickform Pro-Dye SDS
Mottling and Penetrating Agent for Pro-Dye MSDS:

Mottling and Penetrating Agent for Pro-Dye MSDS
Pro-Dye Color Card:

Pro-Dye Color Card
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