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Lythic Solutions HardWear Floor Process

Lythic polishing products are an essential part of any hardwearing floor. Hardwearing floors are designed to withstand warehouse and light industrial use while maintaining a reflective appearance.

Lythic densifiers, protectors, and cleaning products are vital to an effective and economical hardwearing surface. The innovative colloidal silica compounds in Lythic Densifier and Densifier XL react with the calcium hydroxide in the concrete to create a denser, harder surface. Application of Densifier and Densifier XL, singularly or in tandem, densifies the cleaned and prepared concrete surface. Unlike traditional densifiers, Lythic Densifier and Densifier XL react in only 15 minutes and leave no white haze if over-applied.

After the densifier has dried and excess silica removed, Lythic Protector is applied to improve water repellence and traction. Lythic Protector is a copolymer with additional silica and lithium that enhances the performance of polished or densified concrete floors. Protector can be burnished for a smoother, shinier finish. Lythic Densified and Protected floors should be maintained with Lythic Cleaner applied with an autoscrubber. The colloidal silica formula of Lythic Cleaner fortifies the finish, cleans the floor, and helps remove dirt and abrasive materials that can dull the finished floor.