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Lythic Polished Concrete Specification

This guide specification is provided by Solomon Colors and is intended to be used as a specification for the use of Lythic Colloidal Silica for polished concrete floors or surfaces. The guide is written around the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) format, and may be used with most master specifications. Additional specification assistance and more in-depth information, please contact Solomon Colors for assistance.

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Technical Information Sheets (TIS)

Lythic Densifier & XL TIS:

Lythic Densifier and Lythic XL Densifier with reactive colloidal silica are densifiers/hardeners for concrete, used to improve the performance and appearance of concrete floors. They increase surface hardness, compressive strength, abrasion-resistance, and liquid penetration resistance.
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Lythic Protector TIS:

Lythic Protector is a colloidal silica-based, breathable concrete sealer that protects and enhances polished concrete floors. It is a unique product that improves surface hardness through colloidal silica reaction during application. It is specially formulated to reduce liquid penetration, enhance color, increase gloss reading and improve traction of polished concrete surfaces.
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Lythic Cleaner TIS:

Lythic Cleaner is an exciting product that hardens and enhances hard troweled floors and polished concrete. Unlike traditional cleaners, Lythic Cleaner> is produced with colloidal silica designed to bond to other Lythic Products used in advanced floor finishes.
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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Lythic Densifier SDS:
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Lythic Densifier XL SDS:
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Lythic Cleaner SDS:
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Lythic Protector SDS:
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