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Lythic® Densifier & XL

Lythic Polished Floor

Lythic® Densifier is the faster, safer, easier densifier. It is quick reacting, residue free, and pH less than 10, meaning you save time and money without sacrificing safety or effectiveness. Other densifiers rely on reactive metal silicates while Lythic Densifier is a 99.5% pure silica. This allows Lythic Densifier to be spray applied and react within 10 to 15 minutes. Lythic even works on cementitious overlays and other low lime surfaces where traditional densifiers would not. When it is done reacting, there is no whiting or residue to remove or scrub off. Lythic Densifier provides all the densification, hardening, and permeability benefits of traditional densifiers with a fraction of the effort. Lythic Densifier XL offers the same benefits with a larger particle for faster build up when burnishing and repairing soft slab surfaces.

XL Densifier

  • Saves time and labor
  • No hazardous waste removal
  • Prevents dusting and increases durability
  • Quickly reacts within 10 to 15 minutes
  • No surface residue to scrub off
  • No whiting when dry
  • Low viscosity for easy spray application
  • Safer pH level (less than 10 pH)
  • Will not contribute to Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR)
  • Concentrate and Ready-To-Use formulas

Lythic is the Greenest Densifier

Lythic increases these sustainable benefits with our eco-friendly Lythic Densifier. Conventional densifiers based on silicates and siliconates are highly caustic – in the range of pH 10.5-12 – making them dangerous to handle. Sodium and potassium silicates form a chemical slurry byproduct that requires disposal as a hazardous material. Lythic Densifier has low pH in the range of 9.5-10, so it is safer to handle. It does not leave a dangerous residue and there is no hazardous disposal. Lythic Densifier has zero VOCs and contains no harsh chemical solvents.

Reactive Colloidal Silica is produced from abundant raw materials and utilizes a clean manufacturing process that does not release pollutants into the environment. It is an inert substance and does not pose a high risk to health when exposure occurs at low levels.

Lythic improves energy efficiency of construction, too. Most Lythic products are shipped as concentrates to reduce transportation energy consumption. Lythic Densifier eliminates the overnight curing of sodium silicate, possibly reducing job-site transportation energy. Installation of a Lythic HardWear floor instead of diamond polishing can also substantially reduce energy consumption by high-voltage grinding and polishing machinery.
Lythic Densifier and Densifier XL TIS:

Lythic Densifier and Densifier XL TIS
Lythic Densifier SDS:

Lythic Densifier SDS
Lythic Densifier XL SDS:

Lythic Densifier XL SDS
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