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Lythic® Cleaner

Lythic Polished Floor

Cleaning is necessary to remove grit and dirt that might become abrasive and compromise stain protection. Lythic® Cleaner cleans and bonds additional silica to the concrete surface to further improve resistance to abrasion and liquid penetration. It is chemically matched to other Lythic products and is a mild, yet effective, suitable for everyday use.


  • Simplifies Maintenance
  • Maintains and Replenishes Protection
  • Removes Abrasives During Cleaning
  • Adds Silica During Cleaning
  • No Rinsing Required
  • Water-Based and Environmentally Friendly
  • Mild, Safe, and Non-Corrosive
  • Concentrate and Ready-To-Use formulas
Lythic Cleaner TIS:

Lythic Cleaner TIS
Lythic Cleaner SDS:

Lythic Densifier SDS
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