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DAY1® Video Gallery

DAY1 Educatioanal Program Video
DAY1® Educational Program
What is the DAY1 Educational Program? The event is a 4 hour, hands on demonstration, featuring how DAY1 can increase productivity, in addition to solving everyday issues that concrete contractors face.

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Testimonials for DAY1 Finishing Aid
DAY1® Testimonials - WOC 2013
You have to try DAY1 to believe it. At the 2013 World of Concrete, dozens of finishers trialed...

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Testing Video for DAY1
DAY1® Testing
DAY1 extends finishing time, makes it easier to close, and lubricates the trowel. It reduces drag and tearing, slows premature drying, and minimizes checking and crazing. Most importantly, it does not add excessive water.

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DAY1 a Better Finisher
DAY1® - A Better Finisher
Lythic DAY1 is the troweling aid that makes you a better finisher. Applied during floating and troweling. Lythic DAY1 lubricates the surface for easier, faster finishing, increases cream for a better finish, slows surface drying and premature set, and eliminates the need for adding water during finishing. It provides high moisture retention and becomes a permanent part of the slab.

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