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DAY1 – A Better Finishing Aid Video

Lythic DAY1 is the troweling aid that makes you a better finisher. Applied during floating and troweling. Lythic DAY1 lubricates the surface for easier, faster finishing, increases cream for a better finish, slows surface drying and premature set, and eliminates the need for adding water during finishing. It provides high moisture retention and becomes a permanent part of the slab.

During floating and troweling, application of DAY1 reduces operator fatigue, making troweling easier and faster. DAY1 also extends surface workable time, ensuring a beautiful set every time. DAY1 is a colloidal silica based topical additive that increases impact and abrasion resistance, creates a denser and less permeable surface for liquid penetration and staining resistance, increases surface compressive strength, reduces efflorescence, reduces slab curling, and minimizes checking, scaling, and surface cracking.

Experience a high-quality solution that saves the slab. DAY1 becomes a permanent part of the slab. There is nothing to remove and moisture retention is effectively extended, reducing water vapor transmission through the slab. DAY1 offers a multitude of advanced features and benefits for freshly placed concrete and you’ll be amazed at the tested and proven results. Voted Most Innovative Product at the World of Concrete 2013, DAY1 will make you a better finisher.