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Vertical Textures

Even the most novice installers can create stunning texture on Vertical Mix surfaces using Brickform vertical textures. These stackable stamps, skins, and rollers are designed to easily work with Brickform Vertical Mix. Use the patterns and textures to create authentic looking stone, brick, and pebbled surfaces with ease and consistency. Use them as the whole texture or just a jumping off point for custom installations.
Dry Stack Dry Stack Lines

Dry Stack, VM-100

27.75"x12" (70.49x30.48 cm), Pattern A, B and C

Rock Fall Rock Fall Lines

Rock Fall, VM-125

27.75"x12" (70.49x30.48 cm), Pattern A, B and C

Pebble Skin A Pebble Skin B and Roller

Pebble Skin, VM-1075 A or B

16"x16" (40.64x40.64 cm)

Pebble Skin Roller, VM-2075, 8.5"

Rough Stone Skin A Rough Stone B and Roller

Rough Stone Skin, VM-1025 A or B

16"x16" (40.64x40.64 cm)

Rough Stone Skin Roller, VM-2025, 8.5"

Intensity Skin A Intensity B and Roller

Intensity Skin, VM-1050 A or B

16"x16" (40.64x40.64 cm)

Intensity Skin Roller, VM-2050, 8.5"