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Tinta’ Seal Video

Tinta’ Seal is a tint pack designed for use with Brickform solvent-based sealers. It colors the sealer, adding translucent color to concrete when applied. Available in a wide range of colors, Tinta’ Seal is excellent as a primary color, color correction, or restoration product. Tinta’ Seal is easy to use and combines with already planned steps. This makes it excellent for fast track and quick turnaround construction.

Tinta’ Seal is simple to incorporate into decorative concrete sealing. Shake the can of Tinta’ Seal to suspend any settled pigments. Pour into a 5-gallon pail of Brickform solvent-based sealer. Fill the can roughly a quarter of the way with sealer, closing the lid, and agitating to loosen any remaining pigments. Add the remaining material back to the pail. Use a paint mixer to mix the sealer and Tinta’ Seal before application. If the project requires multiple pails of sealer, intermix all products before application.