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Stampable Overlay Video

Brickform Stampable Overlay is well suited for texturing basement floors. Generally, poured concrete floors in basements are not textured for a wide range of reasons. If stamping is desired Stampable Overlay is a good way to introduce decorative finishes where otherwise impossible. In this video, wood plank textures are combined with a random stone stamp for a unique and rustic decorative concrete basement floor.

Start by cleaning and preparing the existing concrete surface. On a new, porous slab, this generally means a light etch, scrubbing, and neutralizing. Follow that with a primer, such as Triple Seven Bond Coat, to help the overlay material adhere. Use your desired Brickform Stampable Overlay – it comes in add water and add polymer formulas – as applied with a gauge rake. Allow the Stampable Overlay to set up sufficiently to accept texture, and stamp using best practices. Stain and seal as you normally would stamped concrete.