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How to Stamp Concrete with Texture Skins

Texture skins and seamless skins make up a diverse class of stamped concrete finishes and patterns. Texture skins are often called seamless skins because of their trademark feathered edges that allow tools to be overlapped during stamping. This creates continuous textures that do not have simulated grout or mortar joints like other stamp textures. Stampers often use texture skins as the primary stamp because of their design flexibility and ease of use.

Most texture skins are non-directional. This means the tool can be rotated and used in any orientation. Place the first tool with the second tool overlapping it by about 20%. Use a large pounder to imprint the patterns on the concrete. Lift the overlapped edges and place the second tool under the first tool, pounding again to reduce lines and get a better texture. Repeat this process, rotating the texture skins one quarter turn every time they are placed. After the concrete has cured, cut control joints to mimic tile or slate.