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How to Stamp Concrete Using Brickform Cobble and Brick Patterns

Brick and cobble stamp patterns make up a diverse selection of stamped concrete tools and textures. Ranging from worn cobbles to crisp new bricks, a wide range of looks can be achieved using this category of concrete textures. These versatile design options, along with the durability and longevity of concrete, make brick and cobble textures ideal for streetscapes, plazas, and more.

Most brick and cobble patterns interlock, for a classic paved brick appearance. When placing the stamping tools, be careful to make sure the textures properly interlock. Take measures to avoid dragging the stamp when placing or removing it from the concrete. Also be mindful that all interlocking portions fully set and come in contact with the concrete. Red shades, browns, and buffs are more common color selections for brick and cobble patterns. Pair them with varying strength applications of dark gray or dark brown release for a natural and realistic looking brick or cobble pattern.