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Stains & Dyes

ARTesian Stain®

Use water-based stains on cementitious surfaces including stamped concrete, concrete overlays, and some natural rock or masonry. Dilute, mix, and shade stains for a variety of unique coloring effects. With no acid or reactive chemicals, water-based stains are easy, safe, and predictable to use.

ARTesian Stain Specifications

  • 1 gal. bottles
  • 200 to 300 ft2 per gal
  • 20 standard colors
  • Water-based/acid-free
  • Interior / exterior use
  • Apply with a sprayer
  • Must be sealed with solvent-based sealer (Something like Gem-Seal)

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Blush-Tone Acid Stain®

Acid staining is a classic decorative concrete technique that dates back over a century. Using a chemical reaction between metallic salts and free lime in the concrete, acid stains create unique designs that cannot be duplicated by other materials. For eye-catching, yet subtly earthy tones, look no further than acid stained concrete.

Blush-Tone Acid Stain Specifications

  • 1 gal. bottles
  • 200 to 300 ft2 per gal.
  • 10 standard colors
  • Unique colors
  • Will not chip, crack, or peel

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E-Stain is a non-acid reactive stain that can be used to color concrete, some masonry surfaces, and cementitious overlays such as Brickform Micro-Topping, SM Professional Grade, and Stampable Overlay. By chemically reacting with cementitious materials, E-Stain produces deep, varied and mottled color that cannot be replicated.

E-Stain Specifications

  • 1 gal. bottles
  • 200 ft2 per gal.
  • 8 standard colors
  • Eco-friendly reactive stain
  • Acid-like characteristics without the harmful acid effects
  • No harmful fumes
  • Dilute with E-Stain Plus
  • No hydrochloric acid
  • All colors, except Ebony, are Sodium Dichromate-free
  • D.O.T. non-hazardous shipping certified stain

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Pro-Dye Plus

Pro-Dye Plus creates vivid translucent color on existing concrete surfaces. Water or acetone diluted Pro-Dye Plus is sprayed onto porous concrete where it readily penetrates to create durable, quick-drying color with minimal residue. Ideally suited for interior polished concrete applications. Pro-Dye Plus is also well suited for touch-up where acid stain fails to react

Pro-Dye Plus Specifications

  • 8 oz. bottle
  • 200 to 600 ft2 per gallon after dilution
  • 25 standard colors
  • Interior only, not UV-stable
  • Easy to spray apply
  • Dries and penetrates quickly (Acetone)
  • Use any Brickform spray-on sealer
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Refresh Exterior Concrete Stain

Color uncolored concrete, blend integrally colored surfaces, or revive old concrete surfaces. Refresh is a solvent-based polysiloxane stain. It creates semi-opaque, natural looking color on existing, exterior concrete surfaces. Refresh is great for correcting surface discoloration, upgrading existing concrete, or blending together multiple pours of integrally colored concrete. Refresh is available in Solomon Colors and Brickform integral colors

Refresh Exterior Concrete Stain Specifications

  • 1 gal. cans
  • 5 gal. pails
  • 150 to 300 ft2 per gal.
  • Available in RTU and Concentrate
  • Available in Solomon Colors and Brickform integral colors
  • Apply with a sprayer
  • Seal with Gem-Seal or Poly-Seal – DO NOT ROLL

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