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Stains & Dyes

ARTesian Stain®

Use water-based stains on cementitious surfaces including stamped concrete, concrete overlays, and some natural rock or masonry. Dilute, mix, and shade stains for a variety of unique coloring effects. With no acid or reactive chemicals, water-based stains are easy, safe, and predictable to use.

ARTesian Stain Specifications

  • 1 gal. bottles
  • 200 to 300 ft2 per gal
  • 20 standard colors
  • Water-based/acid-free
  • Zero VOC
  • Interior / exterior use
  • Apply with a sprayer
  • Must be sealed with solvent-based sealer (Something like Gem-Seal)

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Blush-Tone Acid Stain®

Acid staining is a classic decorative concrete technique that dates back over a century. Using a chemical reaction between metallic salts and free lime in the concrete, acid stains create unique designs that cannot be duplicated by other materials. For eye-catching, yet subtly earthy tones, look no further than acid stained concrete.

Blush-Tone Acid Stain Specifications

  • 1 gal. bottles
  • 200 to 300 ft2 per gal.
  • 10 standard colors
  • Unique colors
  • Will not chip, crack, or peel

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E-Stain is a non-acid reactive stain that can be used to color concrete, some masonry surfaces, and cementitious overlays such as Brickform Micro-Topping, SM Professional Grade, and Stampable Overlay. By chemically reacting with cementitious materials, E-Stain produces deep, varied and mottled color that cannot be replicated.

E-Stain Specifications

  • 1 gal. bottles
  • 200 ft2 per gal.
  • 8 standard colors
  • Eco-friendly reactive stain
  • Acid-like characteristics without the harmful acid effects
  • No harmful fumes
  • Dilute with E-Stain Plus
  • No hydrochloric acid
  • All colors, except Ebony, are Sodium Dichromate-free
  • D.O.T. non-hazardous shipping certified stain

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Pro-Dye Plus

Pro-Dye Plus creates vivid translucent color on existing concrete surfaces. Water or acetone diluted Pro-Dye Plus is sprayed onto porous concrete where it readily penetrates to create durable, quick-drying color with minimal residue. Ideally suited for interior polished concrete applications. Pro-Dye Plus is also well suited for touch-up where acid stain fails to react

Pro-Dye Plus Specifications

  • 8 oz. bottle
  • 200 to 600 ft2 per gallon after dilution
  • 25 standard colors
  • Interior only, not UV-stable
  • Easy to spray apply
  • Dries and penetrates quickly (Acetone)
  • Use any Brickform spray-on sealer
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Brickform Refresh

Recolor and restore concrete with Brickform Refresh. Brickform Refresh is a solvent based penetrating, polysiloxane stain with excellent water repellency to be used for re-coloring and sealing exterior concrete surfaces. Brickform Refresh is ideal for converting colored concrete, or concrete with surface discolorations into a semi-opaque, consistent, natural looking colored surface . The polysiloxane chemistry penetrates into the concrete surface preventing moisture intrusion and providing weather protection.

Brickform Refresh Specifications

  • 5 gal. pails
  • 200 to 300 ft2 per gal.
  • 16 standard color, custom available
  • Mix with Refresh Color Packs
  • Water repelling and weather resistant
  • Available in Ready-to-Use

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Brickform FreestylePRO® & FreestylePRO Highlighter

FreestylePro is an opaque water-based stain that penetrates and bonds with the surface of concrete. Use it to rapidly rejuvenate textured and stamped concrete. Along with the corresponding antiquing agent - FreestylePro Highlighter - FreestylePro is self-sealing and easily applied.

FreestylePro & FreestylePro Highlighter Specifications

  • 4-Part Solid Color Kit
  • 3-Part Highlighter Kit
  • 300 to 500 ft2 per kit (solid color base coat)
  • 400 to 600 ft2 per kit (solid color second coat)
  • 200 to 250 ft2 per kit (highlighter standard application)
  • 125 to 150 ft2 per kit (highlighter heavy application)
  • 42 Standard Colors
  • Penetrating bond with concrete surface
  • Self-sealing and easy to apply
  • Water-based stain that is environmentally friendly

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