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Resurfacing & Overlays

When a concrete slab is structurally sound but visually unappealing, it may be time to consider a decorative concrete overlay. Decorative concrete overlays allow for restoration without tearing out and replacing the concrete slab. This saves time, destruction, and disruption.

SM Professional Grade®

SM Professional Grade is a sprayable and trowel-applied resurfacing material capable of holding moderate and light textures. Combined with stencils, design tape, and masking, SM Professional Grade can also be used to create a variety of simple and intricate designs. Apply SM Professional Grade with a hopper-gun for light stippled texture, great for pool decks and other non-slip applications.

SM Professional Grade Specifications

  • 60 lb. bag
  • 2.5 to 5 ft2 per lb. for base coats
  • 2.5 to 3.3 ft2 per lb. for texture coats
  • Mix with Brickform Liquid Polymer
  • Can be integrally colored
  • Color with Brickform Overlay Liquid Colorant or stain
  • Spray or trowel
  • Wide variety of textures, patterns, and application methods
  • Water resistant

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Use Micro-Topping for a smooth “like new” concrete surface. Micro-Topping is a very thin, polymer-modified grout mix that forms a uniform surface over existing concrete. When faced with tired or distressed concrete, use Micro-Topping to lend new life and beauty. When applied over structurally sound concrete, Micro-Topping can withstand heavy foot traffic found in commercial, retail, and residential applications. Use SM Professional Grade as a base-coat.

Micro-Topping Specifications

  • 40 lb. bag, white or gray mix
  • 3.75 to 8.75 ft2 per lb.
  • Mix with Brickform Liquid Polymer
  • Color with Brickform Overlay Liquid Colorant, stains, or Pro-Dye Plus
  • Durable and long-lasting

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Brickform Cem-Coat®

Restore, refresh, or redo with Brickform Cem-Coat. This cementitious material colors existing smooth and lightly textured concrete surfaces. Cem-Coat is a richly pigmented, paint-like product that makes opaque, UV- and mildew-resistant color on vertical and horizontal surfaces indoors and out.

Cem-Coat Specifications

  • Small kit or Large Kit
  • A Made-to-Order Product
  • 75 to 125 ft2 per small kit
  • 350 to 420 ft2 per large kit
  • 42 standard colors
  • Richly pigmented colors
  • UV-resistant
  • Use to antique, marbleize, and faux paint
  • Suitable for all cementitious surfaces
  • Compatible with stains and antiquing

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Stampable Overlay

Stamp concrete without pouring a new slab. Stampable Overlay is applied over existing, structurally sound concrete, stamped using Brickform textures marked “S/O”, and allowed to cure. This makes it possible to install stamped concrete where it is not feasible or desirable to pour new concrete. Stampable Overlay comes in two varieties: SC-60 is a white or gray mix colored with Overlay Liquid Colorant while OL-60 is a gray mix compatible with Color Hardener.

Stampable Overlay Specifications

  • 5 gal. pail (OL-60) or 60 lb. bags (SC-60)
  • 27 ft2 per pail (OL-60) or 25 ft2 per bag (SC-60) at ¼" depth
  • Compatible with Brickform S/O textures
  • Interior and exterior applications
  • Creates new 1/4" to 1/2" surface
  • Durable
  • Use with Triple Seven Bond Coat
  • Can be stained

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Overlay Liquid Colorant

Add integral color to decorative concrete overlays, including Brickform SC-60 Stampable Overlay, Micro-Topping, and SM Professional Grade. Available in 39 brilliant, UV-stable colors, Brickform Overlay Liquid Colorant creates consistent and streak-free color. The premeasured 10 oz bottles and non-hazardous water based-formula make it safe and easy to color your next overlay project.

Overlay Liquid Colorant Specifications

  • 10 oz. bottles
  • 1 bottle per unit overlay
  • 35 Standard Colors
  • 6 per case, cannot break cases
  • Compatible with SC-60 Stampable Overlay, Micro-Topping, SM Professional Grade

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Vertical Mix

Use Vertical Mix to emulate brick, stone, wood, and any other natural or manmade surface. Use convenient vertical texturing tools or custom hand-carving to add extra dimension to interior and exterior walls. Using a unique blend of cementitious materials, fiber, aggregates, and polymers, this add-water product makes artistry easy.

Vertical Mix Specifications

  • 45 lb. bag
  • Depths between ¼" and 2"
  • Add-water only product
  • Use with Overlay Liquid Colorant, ARTesian Stain, Blush-Tone Acid Stain, E-Stain, and Pro-Dye Plus
  • Interior and exterior applications
  • Easily textured by carving and stamping

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Triple Seven Bond Coat®

Improve adhesion by using Triple Seven Bond Coat with every Brickform overlay. Triple Seven Bond Coat is a water-based copolymer that re-emulsifies when wet to improve adhesion better than acrylic primers. It reduces substrate moisture absorption, allowing better curing of the overlay.

Triple Seven Bond Coat Specifications

  • 1 gal. bottles or 5 gal. pails
  • 160 to 200 ft2 per gal.
  • Apply over concrete, masonry, tile, terrazzo, brick, and overlays
  • Use with all Brickform Micro-Topping, SM Professional Grade, Stampable Overlay, and Vertical Mix to ensure best results

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Liquid Polymer

Use Liquid Polymer as directed with Brickform Micro-Topping and SM Professional Grade. Follow best practices and mixing instructions as indicated in the product documentation for the overlay materials.

Liquid Polymer Specifications

  • 5 gal. pails
  • Use with Micro-Topping and SM Professional Grade
  • Compatible with Overlay Liquid Colorant

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Turtle Set

Allow more time and breathing room when using Brickform overlays. Turtle Set is a retarder designed specifically for use with Brickform SM Professional Grade, Micro-Topping, and Stampable Overlay. Increase pot-life in warm conditions.

Turtle Set Specifications

  • 1 gal. bottles
  • 4 to 8 oz per bag of overlay; no more than 16 oz per bag
  • May cause subtle color change; use consistently throughout project
  • Best used in ambient conditions over 80°F

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Design Tape

Create custom patterns and designs in overlays. Design Tape is a strong, fiber-reinforced masking tape that leaves no glue residue and will not shed. Design Tape comes in a variety of widths or and pre-marked for easy brick patterns. 180 feet per roll.

  • LDT90 - 1/4" Grout Line Design Tape (36/tube, 144/case)
  • LDT91 - 1/2" Grout Line Design Tape (18/tube, 48/case)
  • LDT92 - 3/4" Grout Line Design Tape (12/tube, 48/case)
Design Tape