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How to Resurface Cracked Concrete with Brickform Overlay Video

There are millions of square feet of cracked concrete driveways, sidewalks, and patios out there. Each one is an opportunity. Through wear, age, and weathering, most concrete will ultimately face cracking, chips, and rock pops. These faults can be repaired to restore to its former glory or even improve it better than new. In most cases, if the underlying concrete is structurally sound, an overlay is less invasive, faster, and more cost effective than replacing the concrete.

This video covers, in-depth, the complete process of restoring and resurfacing a cracked concrete slab. The driveway featured has many of the same faults and issues that plague the vast majority of decades old, residential and commercial concrete. In this video, surface preparation and cleaning are demonstrated. Importantly, you see how to deal with rock pops, cracks, control joints, and plants. Filling joints, cracks, and defects with epoxy and preparing that epoxy for an overlay are also included. Finally, the video details the design, installation, and staining of a decorative concrete overlay.