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How to Remove An Acrylic Concrete Sealer with Brickform Strip-It

Brickform Strip-It is a citrus-based stripper for acrylic sealers. There are several reasons you might need to strip the existing sealer. For example, if the sealer has failed due to age or misapplication, it should be removed before resealing. Existing sealer may also need stripping if there are plans to apply an overlay, stain, or coloring product.

As a citrus-based stripper, Strip-It is safer and better for the environment than harsh solvent strippers. Apply Strip-It to the surface with a sprayer. Do not allow it to dry, applying plastic sheeting if necessary. When Strip-It has stated reacting with the sealer, use a rotary floor scrubber to remove the sealer. Remove stripped material using a broom or squeegee, disposing of appropriately. Be careful as the surface will be slick during this process.