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How to Rejuvenate an Old Concrete Driveway with Antique-It Video

Antique-It is a pigmented restoration material for improving the appearance of aged textured concrete. Use Antique-It to rejuvenate old concrete and make it look like new. Over time, many stamped concrete slabs start to lose their antiquing highlights. This is especially true for concrete that is left unsealed for a period of time. Antique-it brings the life back to tired old concrete in a very short period of time.

This video features a fourteen-year-old, integrally colored and stamped driveway. The driveway was originally highlighted with a powdered antique release. Through normal wear and tear, the antiquing has been largely worn away. The process begins with surface preparation – cleaning and neutralizing with Brickform E-Etch and Neutra Clean. In this process, we explain how the age and natural etching of the concrete affects this process, how to take care of minor damage, and checking for residual sealer. The video also covered mixing, coverage rates, and application of Antique-It and Poly-Seal.