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Paladiano “Wonders of the World” textures bring authentic textures to any project from around the world. Every Paladiano texture is cast directly from real materials in England, France, Italy, Bulgaria and Cyprus. These large sets are designed by some of the foremost experts in stamped concrete to render the best possible finished product for the discerning professional.

Yorkshire Cobble
Recreate the time-worn 13th Century cobbles of York Cathedral in Yorkshire, England. Evoke the medieval charm found behind those fortified walls with this worn cobblestone pattern.
  • 17 piece set

Yorkshire Cobble Example
  • YorkShire-Cobble-PD-100
  • YorkShire-Cobble-PD-100a
  • YorkShire-Cobble-PD-105
  • YorkShire-Cobble-PD-105a
  • YorkShire-Cobble-PD-115
  • YorkShire-Cobble-PD-115a
  • YorkShire-Cobble-PD-120
  • YorkShire Cobble PD-120a
  • YorkShire-Cobble-PD-125

Pavimento of Paris
Paris is one of the most architecturally inspirational locations in the world. Bring the Parisian magic back with this repetitive, fish scale design featuring hand-quarried granite stones.
  • 23 piece set

Pavimento of Paris Example
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-200a
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-200aa
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-200b
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-200bb
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-200c
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-200cc
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-205
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-205a
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-210
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-210a
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-215
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-215a
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-216
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-216a
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-217
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-217a
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-220
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-220a
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-221
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-221a
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-222
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-222a
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-230
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-230a
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-235
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-235a
  • Pavimento-of-Paris-PD-240

Hammered Sofia Stone
Sofia, Bulgaria is one of the oldest settlements in Europe. As a cultural and trading crossroads, it has some of the most beautiful age-worn paving materials in the world. This set features uniformly rough textured stones similar to the granite and limestone that makes up Sofia’s streets and plazas.
  • 16 piece set

Hammered Sofia Stone Example
  • Hammered-Sofia-Stone-PD-300
  • Hammered-Sofia-Stone-PD-300a
  • Hammered-Sofia-Stone-PD-305
  • Hammered-Sofia-Stone-PD-305a
  • Hammered-Sofia-Stone-PD-310
  • Hammered-Sofia-Stone-PD-310a
  • Hammered-Sofia-Stone-PD-315

Stones of Athens
A variety of textured limestone, marble, and granite make this one of the most intricate and varied textures available. There is immense history behind these stones; the very same ones that surround the Parthenon and the Acropolis.
  • 15 piece set

Stones of Athens Example
  • Stones-of-Athens-PD-400aa
  • Stones-of-Athens-PD-400bb
  • Stones-of-Athens-PD-400c
  • Stones-of-Athens-PD-400cc
  • Stones-of-Athens-PD-400d
  • Stones-of-Athens-PD-400dd
  • Stones-of-Athens-PD-400ee
  • Stones-of-Athens-PD-400ff
  • Stones-of-Athens-PD-400gg
  • Stones-of-Athens-PD-400h
  • Stones-of-Athens-PD-400hh
  • Stones-of-Athens-PD-405

Rotating Venetian Marble
Among other things, Venice is known for its precisely cut and placed paved streets and sidewalks. Recreate these gorgeous Venetian travertine and marble pavers, honed and worn by hundreds of years of flooding and traffic.
  • 15 piece set

Rotating Venetian Marble Example
  • Rotating-Venetian-Marble-PD-500
  • Rotating-Venetian-Marble-PD-500a
  • Rotating-Venetian-Marble-PD-500b
  • Rotating-Venetian-Marble-PD-500c
  • Rotating-Venetian-Marble-PD-500d
  • Rotating-Venetian-Marble-PD-500e
  • Rotating-Venetian-Marble-PD-505a
  • Rotating-Venetian-Marble-PD-505aa
  • Rotating-Venetian-Marble-PD-505b
  • Rotating-Venetian-Marble-PD-505bb
  • Rotating-Venetian-Marble-PD-510a
  • Rotating-Venetian-Marble-PD-510aa
  • Rotating-Venetian-Marble-PD-510b
  • Rotating-Venetian-Marble-PD-510bb
  • Pavimento of Paris PD-515

Fractured Cyprus Slate
A small island with big history, Cyprus features soft sand and heavy slate textures. These natural slate textures feature fractured, split edges and bold cut textures in an irregular with uniform joints.
  • 13 piece set

Fractured Cyprus Slate Example
  • Fractured-Cyprus-Slate-PD-600a
  • Fractured-Cyprus-Slate-PD-600aa
  • Fractured-Cyprus-Slate-PD-600b
  • Fractured-Cyprus-Slate-PD-600bb
  • Fractured-Cyprus-Slate-PD-600c
  • Fractured-Cyprus-Slate-PD-600cc
  • Fractured-Cyprus-Slate-PD-600d
  • Fractured-Cyprus-Slate-PD-600e
  • Fractured-Cyprus-Slate-PD-600f
  • Fractured-Cyprus-Slate-PD-600g
  • Fractured-Cyprus-Slate-PD-600h
  • Fractured-Cyprus-Slate-PD-605