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Misc & Touch-up

Quick Strips

Create a more decorative joint by placing Quick Strips in the control joints prior to using a seamless texture skin. Make control joints more appealing with minimal effort. Adverage width .375"-1.5" (Sold 5 per case).

  • FM-6580 60" Chiseled V-Joint
  • FM-6590 60" Sanded Stone Joint
Quick Strips

Paper Stencils

Made from thick, tear-resistant paper, Brickform paper stencils come in a wide variety of textures and patterns. Use in conjunction with overlays on existing concrete surfaces or Color Hardener on new concrete for lower texture patterns. Great for high-traffic areas. Available in 500 ft2 and 1000 ft2 rolls.

  • PST-501/PST-1001 Bushrock
  • PST-502/PST-1002 Flagstone
  • PST-503/PST-1003 Large Keystone
  • PST-504/PST-1004 Rustic Ashlar
  • PST-505/PST-1005 Roman Paver
  • PST-506/PST-1006 Cobblebrick
  • PST-507/PST-1007 Ashlar Tile
  • PST-508/PST-1008 Cobble Fan
  • PST-509/PST-1009 Large Tile
  • PST-510/PST-1010 Running Bond
  • PST-511/PST-1011 Original Herringbone
  • PSt-512/PST-1012 Basket Weave
  • PST-513/PST-1013 Face Brick
  • PST-301 Brick Header
  • PST-302 Cobble Header
  • PST-303 Keystone Header
  • PST-201 18" Flagstone Border
  • PST-401 Large Brick Rosette
  • PST-402 Compass
  • Paper Stencils
  • Paper Stencils

Touch-Up Wheels

There are always instances where the texture doesn’t fully imprint on the concrete. Touch-up and add texture using Brickform Touch-Up Wheels. With styles that match the full range of Brickform textures, these handy tools help installers create flawless stamped concrete. They can be attached to a pole for greater ease of use. All have a 2" diameter.

  • TW-1 FM-6510 1/4 Round Joint, 2" Diameter
  • TW-2 FM-6520 3/16" Flat Joint, 2" Diameter
  • TW-3 FM-6530 3/8" Flat Joint, 2" Diameter
  • TW-4 FM-6540 3/8" Sanded Joint, 2" Diameter
  • TW-5 FM-6550 1/2" Wedge Joint, 2" Diameter
  • TW-6 FM-6560 1/2" Flat Joint, 2" Diameter
  • TW-7 FM-6570 1/2" Sanded Joint, 2" Diameter
  • Round Joint Touch-up WheelFM-6510
  • Flat Joint Touch-up WheelFM-6520
  • Flat Joint Touch-up WheelFM-6530
  • Sanded Joint Touch-up WheelFM-6540
  • Wedge Joint Touch-up WheelFM-6550
  • Flat Joint Touch-up WheelFM-6560
  • Sanded Joint Touch-up WheelFM-6570


Get the optimal impression stamping concrete. Use Brickform’s original fiberglass handle pounder or new aluminum handle pounder – featuring an internal shock-absorbing spring – to fully texture concrete.

  • FP-100 Fiberglass Handle 10" x 10", 19 lbs
  • FP-200 Fiberglass Handle 12" x 12", 20 lbs
  • FP-300 Fiberglass Handle 15" x 15", 23 lbs
  • FP-400 Aluminum Handle 12" x 12", 15 lbs
  • FP-500 Aluminum Handle 15" x 15", 18 lbs
  • Brickform Fiberglass Pounders
  • Brickform Aluminum Pounders

Grouting Tools

Create sanded joints and grout lines using Brickform Grouting Tool. Use the rigid tool for straight lines and the flexible tool for curved or wavy lines.

  • FM-6310 Rigid Grouting Tool, 3/8" x 8"
  • FM-6300 Flexible Grouting Tool, 3/8" x 8"
  • Brickform Grouting Tool