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Misc & Touch-up

Quick Strips

Create a more decorative joint by placing Quick Strips in the control joints prior to using a seamless texture skin. Make control joints more appealing with minimal effort.

  • FM-6580 60" Chiseled V-Joint
  • FM-6590 60" Sanded Stone Joint

Paper Stencils

Made from thick, tear-resistant paper, Brickform paper stencils come in a wide variety of textures and patterns. Use in conjunction with overlays on existing concrete surfaces or Color Hadener on new concrete for lower texture patterns. Great for high-traffic areas. Available in 500 ft2 and 1000 ft2 rolls.

  • PST-501/PST-1001 Bushrock
  • PST-502/PST-1002 Flagstone
  • PST-503/PST-1003 Large Keystone
  • PST-504/PST-1004 Rustic Ashlar
  • PST-505/PST-1005 Roman Paver
  • PST-506/PST-1006 Cobblebrick
  • PST-507/PST-1007 Ashlar Tile
  • PST-508/PST-1008 Cobble Fan
  • PST-509/PST-1009 Large Tile
  • PST-510/PST-1010 Running Bond
  • PST-511/PST-1011 Original Herringbone
  • PSt-512/PST-1012 Basket Weave
  • PST-513/PST-1013 Face Brick
  • PST-301 Brick Header
  • PST-302 Cobble Header
  • PST-303 Keystone Header
  • PST-201 18" Flagstone Border
  • PST-401 Large Brick Rosette
  • PST-402 Compass

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Touch-Up Wheels

There are always instances where the texture doesn’t fully imprint on the concrete. Touch-up and add texture using Brickform Touch-Up Wheels. With styles that match the full range of Brickform textures, these handy tools help installers create flawless stamped concrete. They can be attached to a pole for greater ease of use. All have a 2" diameter.

  • FM-6510 1/4 Round Joint
  • FM-6520 3/16" Flat Joint
  • FM-6530 3/8" Flat Joint
  • FM-6540 3/8" Sanded Joint
  • FM-6550 1/2" Wedge Joint
  • FM-6560 1/2" Flat Joint
  • FM-6570 1/2" Sanded Joint


Get the optimal impression stamping concrete. Use Brickform’s original fiberglass handle pounder or new aluminum handle pounder – featuring an internal shock-absorbing spring – to fully texture concrete.

  • FP-100 Fiberglass Handle 10" x 10"
  • FP-200 Fiberglass Handle 12" x 12"
  • FP-300 Fiberglass Handle 15" x 15"
  • FP-400 Aluminum Handle 12" x 12"
  • FP-500 Aluminum Handle 15" x 15"

Aluminum Chisels

Use these lightweight, easy to handle aluminum chisels to cut control joints, grout lines, and patterns in wet concrete. Create a new pattern, touch up a stamped pattern, or extend existing lines with ease.

  • A-700 18" Chisel
  • A-705 12" Chisel
  • A-800 8" Chisel
  • A-803 4" Chisel
  • A-804 3" Chisel
  • A-805 1 1/2" Chisel

Grouting Tools

Create sanded joints and grout lines using Brickform Grouting Tool. Use the rigid tool for straight lines and the flexible tool for curved or wavy lines.

  • FM-6310 Rigid Grouting Tool
  • FM-6300 Flexible Grouting Tool