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How to Stamp Concrete with Ashlar Stamps Video

Ashlar stamp patterns are signified by their square and rectangular stones of varying sizes arranged in an interlocking pattern. This pattern has been commonly found in traditional masonry paving and walls throughout history. This popularity has carried through to the stamped concrete revolution. As one of the most popular stamp pattern families, it is important to know how to best layout and use Ashlar pattern concrete stamps.

The techniques in this video apply to a wide variety of Brickform textures including Ashlar Cut Slate, Rough Cut Ashlar, Large Cut Ashlar Slate, and more. Ashlar pattern stamping tools typically interlock or nest in a repeating pattern. Each subsequent tool is placed one step over and a little forward of the previous. Use natural stone color combinations for best effects. Common base colors include light and medium tone grays, tans, and buffs. Releases and highlights are generally darker grays, blacks, and dark browns.