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How to Acid Stain A Basement Video

Acid staining is one of the most popular and classic decorative concrete finishes. With it’s unique varied, natural coloring, Blush Tone Acid Stain creates one of a kind flooring effects on concrete floors. Blush Tone Acid Stain is ideally suited for basement floors and slab construction because it uses exiting materials. It is also well suited for high traffic floors and floors subjected to spills and moisture.

The first consideration when acid staining is to prepare the surface for the desired sealer. Acid stains etch the concrete and chemically change the color of the concrete. Mix multiple containers of acid stain, especially if they are from different production lots, prior to application. Spray apply the stain in a method similar to your prior mock-ups. Allow the stain time to react then neutralize using Brickform Neutra-Clean. Remove all residue and seal appropriately.