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Building a Fireplace with Brickform Vertical Mix Video

Brick and stone are popular materials for decorative vertical surfaces. Traditional stone and brick is limited and labor intensive. Prefabricated or artificial materials are less labor intensive but even more limited. Brickform Vertical Mix allows complete design freedom for the concrete artisan to mimic stone, brick, and even wood materials on vertical surfaces. This video features the use of Vertical Mix to create a fireplace surround and Stampable Overlay and Form Liners to create a hearth.

The first step is to install a lathe and/or scratch for the material to adhere. Mix the Vertical Mix with water as directed in the technical information documentation. Use Brickform Liquid Colorant to integrally color Vertical Mix if desired. Apply the material by hand up to several inches thick. From there, Vertical Mix can be textured by hand or using stamping and texturing tools. After Vertical Mix cures, it can be stained using water-based stain and many decorative sealers.