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Brickform Product Coverage Chart

To Calculate Product Coverage Rate per Unit of Product:
Square Feet of Project ÷ Coverage per Unit = Quantity of Product Units Needed

Example: If you have a 1000 square foot room that needs sealed with Brickform Deco-Poxy, looking at the chart below, Brickform Deco-Poxy has a coverage rate of 400 to 500 square feet.

Whenever calculating coverage, use the smallest of the coverage rate numbers in the range to ensure you don't run out. In this case you would use 400 square feet.

1000 sq ft ÷ 400 sq ft = 2.5 (Qty. Units)

You would want to buy 3 of the 1.5 gal kits of Deco-Poxy to complete this project.

Use our product Calculator: If you would like to automate the above formula, enter the total square footage of your project below and click calculate. A fourth column will appear letting you know how many package units will be needed for your project. Please keep in mind that this calculation is using the minimum coverage rate to ensure you don't run out of product during your project. It's always a good idea to double check the math for your specific application.