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Coloring Products

Brickform offers a full line of integral and surface-applied coloring products. With concrete coloring products suitable for restorations and new placement, all Brickform coloring products produce brilliant, UV-resistant colors in a wide range of shades and hues.

Color Hardener

Brickform uses the highest quality UV-resistant pigment, sand, and fine aggregates to manufacture Color Hardener. Perfect for stamped concrete and trowel finishes, Color Hardener produces consistent and brilliant color while standing up to abrasion, weather, and normal wear.

Color Hardener Specifications

  • 60 lb. 5 gal. Pails
  • 1.6 ft2 per lb. or heavier
  • 42 standard colors
  • Compatible with Stampable Overlay OL-60
  • Compatible with stains and antiquing agents

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Brickform Cem-Coat®

Restore, refresh, or redo with Brickform Cem-Coat. This cementitious material colors existing smooth and lightly textured concrete surfaces. Cem-Coat is a richly pigmented, paint-like product that makes opaque, UV- and mildew-resistant color on vertical and horizontal surfaces indoors and out.

Cem-Coat Specifications

  • Small kit (1 gal. pail) or Large Kit (5 gal. pail)
  • 75 to 125 ft2 per small kit
  • 350 to 420 ft2 per large kit
  • 42 standard colors
  • Compatible with stains and antiquing

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Brickform FreestylePRO® & FreestylePRO Highlighter

FreestylePro is an opaque water-based stain that penetrates and bonds with the surface of concrete. Use it to rapidly rejuvenate textured and stamped concrete. Along with the corresponding antiquing agent - FreestylePro Highlighter - FreestylePro is self-sealing and easily applied.

FreestylePro & FreestylePro Highlighter Specifications

  • 4-Part Solid Color Kit
  • 3-Part Highlighter Kit
  • 300 to 500 ft2 per kit (solid color base coat)
  • 400 to 600 ft2 per kit (solid color second coat)
  • 200 to 250 ft2 per kit (highlighter standard application)
  • 125 to 150 ft2 per kit (highlighter heavy application)
  • 42 Standard Colors
  • Self-sealing and easy to apply

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Powdered Color

Brickform Powdered Color is a UV-stable integral color for the full range of cast-in-place, precast, textured, and other decorative concrete applications. Conveniently packaged in standardized dissolvable 10 lb. plastic bags, Brickform Powdered Color is a clean and convenient way to color concrete.

Powdered Color Specifications

  • 10 lb. 2-part bags
  • 25 standard colors
  • ASTM C-979 compliant

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Tinta' Seal

Enhance and correct color with Tinta’ Seal. Tinta' Seal mixes with Brickform solvent-based sealers to add semi-transparent color to integrally colored, stamped, and overlaid concrete surfaces. Each 16 ounce tin pack conveniently mixes in a 5 gallon pail of solvent-based sealer.

Tinta' Seal Specifications

  • 16 oz. cans
  • 42 standard colors
  • Color matching available
  • Compatible with Gem-Seal, Poly-Seal, and Gem Cure & Seal.

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