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Concrete Dimensions Stencils

Flag Designs

United States Flag

United States Flag, CD-9005, 46.5"x29"

California State Flag

California State Flag, CD-9004, 40"x46.5"

Colorado State Flag

Colorado State Flag, CD-9000, 46"x31"

Colorado State Flag with Skyline

Colorado State Flag with Skyline, CD-9002, 46"x31"

Texas State Flag

Texas State Flag, CD-9001, 48"x48"

South Carolina State Flag

South Carolina State Flag, CD-9003, 48"x38"

Louisiana State Design

Louisiana State Design, CD-9006, 47"x46"

Michigan State Design

Michigan State Design, CD-9007, 47"x47"

(Upper and Lower Peninsulas are separate stencils. They fill a 4 foot space once aligned)