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How to Matte a Solvent-Based Sealer with Brickform Matte Magic Video

Matte Magic is a gloss reducer for Brickform solvent-based sealers. This simple additive makes it easy to turn a high-gloss sealer into a medium-gloss or matte-finish sealer. Matte Magic uses micronized silica particles to reduce the shine of the sealer without impacting performance or texture.

For best results, pour one gallon of sealer into a clean mixing vessel. Slowly add Matte Magic to the mixing vessel and mix. Once the Matte Magic has be comely mixed, return the gallon of sealer to the original vessel. Mix the entire amount of sealer completely. Then apply the sealer with a roller or sprayer as you otherwise would. The amount of Matte Magic used can be reduced for a lessened effect.