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How to Color Concrete Using Brickform FreestylePRO Stain Video

Brickform FreestylePRO is a revolutionary concrete stain that penetrates and bonds with concrete surfaces in a way that no other coloring product can. This water-based, opaque stain is excellent for restoring, changing colors on previously colored concrete surfaces, or rejuvenating old, discolored concrete. Brickform FreestylePRO allows you to create totally new color styles for your decorative concrete work in an environmentally sound, versatile and user-friendly way.

First, it is important to use Brickform E-Etch, Neutra Clean, and a power washer to achieve a light surface profile. As a four-part product, FreestylePRO is more in-depth. First, combine parts A and B in a clean mixing vessel. Mix parts C and D in a second bucket, adding 4 parts water. Use the part C and D bottles to measure, shaking to release any residual material. Use a mixer to gentle mix parts A and B and then C and D separately. Combine all, then mix. Use a brush to agitate and apply the product, re-brushing until the materials stops changing color. Repeat for a second coat.