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Stampable Overlay by Brickform Video

Brickform Stampable Overlay is a thick overlay capable of being textured by a wide selection of Brickform tools. It is available as an add-water or add-polymer material. Using Stampable Overlay allows you to add texture to existing concrete slabs. There is no need to undergo the costly and invasive demolition and repouring process.

This video demonstrates the mixing and application of Brickform SC-60 Stampable Overlay. SC-60 Stampable Overlay, also know as the white mix, is an add-polymer mix used with Brickform Liquid Polymer. It can be colored using Brickform Overlay Liquid Colorant and is best used with Brickform Liquid Release. OL-60, or gray mix, is the add-water version compatible with Color Hardener and Antique Release. This video instructs on how to mix a stampable overlay, how to apply the stampable overlay, and how to texture the stampable overlay.