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Concrete Surface Preparation Video 1… Intro

Surface preparation is a necessary part of decorative concrete product application. Special care must be made to ensure the proper surface conditions for water-based stains, acid stains, sealers, overlays, topical coloring products, and anything applied to the surface of existing concrete. Without proper surface preparation, failure is all but guaranteed. While it may never be visible in the finished product, good surface preparation is key. Avoid call backs and refunds by taking the time to properly prepare the concrete surface before a project.

This video reviews the common surface defects and conditions that need to be accounted for during surface preparation. On the thirty-year-old example slab, you can see a wide variety of issues. From common blemishes like rock pops and cracks ranging to heavy deterioration, rust stains, old sealer, and surface erosion. Each one of these must be accounted for when selecting surface preparation techniques. This video also discusses surface preparation standards set by the International Concrete Repair Institute – called Concrete Surface Profile levels. Every surface applied product has an ideal CSP that should be achieved for best results.