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Brickform Cem-Coat Video

Cem-Coat is well suited for recoloring smooth and lightly textured concrete. It is a richly pigmented, opaque coloring agent. As a cementitious product, Cem-Coat adheres well to concrete, is durable, and behaves much the same way the underlying concrete does. This means it can be stained and sealed just like regular concrete.

This video highlights the mixing and application of Cem-Coat using a roller. We also discuss best practices for application, surface preparation, and product use. Cem-Coat is a simple to use product because it does not require an aggressive surface profile prior to application. In most cases, the concrete just needs to be stripped of sealer and cleaned on contaminants. Cem-Coat comes in easy to mix kits, making mixing virtually foolproof. Finally, much like paint, Cem-Coat just needs to be rolled on, careful to avoid over application or roller marks.