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DAY1® Concrete Colloidal Silica Finishing Aid

Use unique colloidal silica technology to make architectural concrete better. Improve finishing, reduce surface defects, and enhance performance all without harming color and appearance. DAY1® is vital part of any concrete installation.

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CHANGING The Face of Concrete Forever

DAY1® Finishing Aid is a colloidal silica based topical additive that makes concrete flatwork finishing easier and faster. It produces a better result and reduces the risk of a prematurely setting slab. Applied during floating and troweling, DAY1 increases cream, making for easier, better finishing and extended workable time under adverse conditions. DAY1 does not alter the water to cement ratio. It provides moisture-retention performance similar to a liquid membrane forming curing compound. DAY1, however, becomes a permanent part of the slab so there is no membrane or residue to remove.

DAY1 also has a number of densification and performance enhancing qualities. Through densification, compressive and surface abrasion resistance are improved. Additionally, DAY1 improves consolidation, reduces water vapor transmission, and extends curing, further improving strength and durability. DAY1 has been shown to successfully mitigate slab curling by reducing evaporation at the surface, thereby diminishing the shrinkage differential and the curling it causes. DAY1 also minimizes the potential for checking, crazing, and other drying-related surface issues.

DAY1 reduces the potential for efflorescence on both colored and non-colored concrete mixes. It also gives the concrete surface hydrophobic-like properties for better resistance to liquid penetration and staining. This makes it a must-have for any colored or decorative concrete project.
With & Without DAY1 Finishing Aid
Finishing Concrete Slab with DAY1
DAY1 Concrete Finishing Aids

Why Use DAY1 Finishing Aid

DAY1 offers a multitude of advanced features and benefits for freshly-placed concrete, and provides long-term high performance properties to treated concrete surfaces:
Finishing Aid
  • Designed to improve workability under hot, dry & windy conditions. Will save a slab
  • Reduces operator fatigue and trowel wear
  • Aids application of shake-on hardeners in low bleedwater environments
  • Helps finish high performance concretes
  • Concentrate and ready-to-use formulas
Hardening & Densification
  • Increases abrasion & impact resistance
  • Increases surface compressive strength
  • Creates a denser, less-permeable surface for resistance to liquid penetration
Concrete Curing
  • Retains moisture in the slab during curing
  • Reduces water vapor transmission (MVER)
  • Mitigates volume of water vapors
Efflorescence & Surface Defect
  • Colloidal silica chemical reaction reduces Ca(OH)2 migration
  • Reduces efflorescence on both colored & non-colored concrete
  • Minimizes checking, crazing & scaling
  • Decreases potential for alkali silica reaction (ASR)
  • Ideal for all colored and decorative concrete applications
Curling Reduction
  • Reduces potential for slab curling

Available in Concentrate and Ready-to-Use Formulas!

DAY1 Finishing Aid Products

Certified to NSF/ANSI 61-G
MAS Certified