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Color Matching Concrete Part 3: Fixing Mismatched Colored Concrete


When color doesn’t match, especially when the mismatched slabs are side by side, panic often sets in. The first solution that comes to mind is tear out and replace. Not only is that costly and disruptive, it may not always solve the problem. Here are a few easier ways to correct color:
For subtle color correction, a pigmented sealer may be enough. Sealing or resealing one or both slabs with a pigmented sealer can provide a quick and easy fix while providing protection that is already necessary for decorative concrete. One such product is Brickform Tinta’ Seal, which is added to solvent-based acrylic sealers. While easy and subtle, tinted sealers have one drawback. The color is only as resilient as the sealer. If something happens to the sealer, the color correction may be compromised.

Cleaning or surface preparation is another simple fix. If the older slab is dirty, a simple cleaning may be enough to brighten it up and yield a closer match. An acid etch or other surface preparation techniques can also be used to remove surface defects and finishing-related causes of mismatched color.

When color mismatch is severe, a surface applied coloring agent may be the solution. Secondary coloring products, such as Brickform Cem-Coat, are quickly applied yet resilient. They can be used on one or both slabs for a matching color without altering finish or texture.