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Color Matching Concrete Part 1: Can I Match Integral Color?

Color Matching Concrete Pigments

Yes and no. It is possible to get close, but there is no guarantee of an exact match. Even when pigment is 100% uniform, final color is dependent on various factors. Some of these, such as mix design, can be controlled for. Others, like conditions and weather, are more difficult to manage.

How do I match the color?

Find the concrete producer that supplied the material. They may be able to find records of the mix design and color loading. This is a very reliable method, but it requires a good deal of information that may not be readily available. If the supplier is unknown, the supplier kept poor records, or the job cannot be identified in records, this method will not work.

Preform a visual match with a color card. This is one of the fastest, but least accurate matching methods. The only things you need are a quality color card and a good eye. Simply hold a color swatch up to the existing concrete and choose the closest match. The final product may be noticeably different from the example, but it should be within tolerances if the two will not be viewed side by side.

Lab matches can yield reliable results. If you are able to provide a sample of the concrete you wish to match, a lab can achieve incredibly close matches. By supplying samples of your intended cement, sand, and aggregate, you can get surprisingly close. Nothing can guarantee and exact match, but this is probably the closest match possible. Solomon Colors is proud to offer color matching and lab services to our customers.