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Solomon Colors Dispensers Are The Efficient Choice

Solomon Pigment Bagging Table

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to Solomon Colors dispensers. Here are just a few ways a Solomon Colors ColorSelect of QuickColor system helps you gain efficiency in your colored concrete options.

Faster Batching

A color system saves time, which is the most valuable resource. ColorSelect systems allow the operator to rapidly batch a full truckload of color. For example, the Granular ColorSelect Pneumatic System can batch color for a 10 cubic yard load in 5 minutes or less. This is a vast improvement over the time and effort it takes to add dry color – digging the necessary bags out of storage, carrying them over to the truck, and dosing one bag at a time. For the strongest colors, that means the batch manager has to lift and carry as many as 10 25 lb. bags of color and manually deposit each into the truck – no telling how long that takes.

If you find your plant batches an appreciable amount of color, it may be worth it to consider a Solomon Colors pigment dispenser. It can speed up your operations, save labor, and make the whole process of adding color faster and more profitable.

Less Waste

Eliminating waste is one of the best ways to make your business more profitable. It doesn’t require much change – just do better at what you’re already doing. Material waste is a big money sink. The unique V-Bottom totes utilized in the Solomon Colors ColorSelect systems virtually eliminates pigment waste. The flat-bottomed refill totes used with competitor systems will leave pounds of unused and unusable pigment at the bottom. That means you’re paying for pigment you can’t use.

Inventory Management

Inventory control and inventory management is made easier with a Solomon Colors ColorSelect or QuickColor system. With bagged dry pigment, you need to stock over 15 SKUs of bagged pigment to offer the full color card. With a system – liquid or granular – you only need 4 or 5 primary colors to offer the full range of colors offered by Solomon and our competitors.

Beyond that, Solomon Colors ColorSelect and QuickColor systems have integrated inventory control software. Each system can tell you how much pigment you have in stock, live, to the nearest fraction of a pound. You know exactly how much pigment you have left and, using analytic data from the system, you’ll know how long you have until it’s time to reorder.

Maintenance and Downtime

Solomon Colors pigment dispensing equipment is well known for reliable, long-lived operation. After all, even the best systems are useless if they break down all the time. And, in the rare occasion that something does go wrong with your ColorSelect of QuickColor system, a dedicated Solomon Colors service tech is just a call away. With a team of qualified technicians based around the country, you have a helping hand ready to get you back on track.

Equipment Maintenance

Ready Mix producers and concrete supply retailers that already sell a large volume of color – or really want to get into the color business – might benefit from a dispenser. Speak with your Solomon Colors representative for more details and to determine if it is a right fit for you.