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Integral Color & DAY1 in Tilt-Up Construction

Integral Color in Tilt-up Walls

This structure was part of the expansion for the Wells Fargo campus in Chandler, AZ. The expansion included two four story office buildings flanking a three level parking garage. All three structures would utilize tilt-up panels of varying sizes.

To achieve the desired color, the tilt-up contractor used Solomon Colors 288 Buff dry integral color. The pigment created uniform color between batches that would last the life of the concrete. Panels were given light and heavy sandblasts as specified to create different appearances.

The mix used was a high strength, self-consolidating concrete. The self-consolidating mix led finishers to complain about “sticky” or difficult to finish concrete panels. The hot, dry, and windy environment in Arizona also contributed to the difficulty faced when finishing the back sides of the panels. To remedy this, the contractor used DAY1 Finishing Aid. After using DAY1 for several days, the foreman remarked that he witnessed a “90% reduction” in the amount of touch-up required on each panel. Workers were able to more quickly and easily finish the panels with fewer mistakes. This represented a significant labor savings versus sprinkled water, a vapor barrier, or no finishing aid.
Tilt-Up Walls