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A Dispenser For Every Occasion: The QuickColor System

Solomon Bag Table

The QuickColor granular system allows Ready Mix producers and decorative suppliers to sell bagged color while retaining the efficiencies gained by a ColorSelect liquid and granular system. Bagged pigment is a viable alternative for producers and distributors that do a low volume of color, but it can be a logistical hassle for higher volume businesses. You need not sacrifice the ability to offer prepackaged color, however. This is where the QuickColor granular system comes in.

Simplicity and convenience are key with the QuickColor granular system. The easy-to-use touch screen interface makes dosing color almost as simple as getting a soda from a vending machine. The user friendly batching system saves jobs and prints tickets just like its ColorSelect big brothers. Just place the bag in the automatic trolley, press a few buttons, and minutes later you have a properly dosed bag of any color ready to go.

The QuickColor system is designed for reliability and ease of upkeep. The gravity fed system is reliable so you can batch color when you need it most. If something does go wrong, the system is backed up by Solomon Colors’ in-house technicians. Compact dimensions make it ideal for retail environments and cramped warehouses. Hanging Buffalo Bags make it easy to restock the primary pigments without slowing operations.

Whether you’re a Ready Mix producer that wants to sell bagged color or a decorative supplier who needs to sell color in the retail setting, the QuickColor granular system makes it possible to do so in an easy and efficient manner.