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The Color of Money: Commercial Floors and Color

Commercial Concrete Floor

Creating and designing retail spaces is a difficult task. Build cost, maintenance cost, durability, and visual design must all be weighed to maximize the utility and effectiveness of the space. The type of merchandise, expected traffic levels, and desired image must all be carefully considered.

Concrete is a natural choice for retail spaces – especially big box stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, and value oriented retailers. Concrete is durable and cost effective. In the pursuit of these two qualities, designers may neglect appearance… generally to their misfortune.

Color has a significant impact on consumer behavior. Different colors and atmospheres affect how customers browse, choose, and spend. Flooring choices play a big part in setting the atmosphere of any given space. For flooring, choosing the right color, choosing the wrong color, or completely neglecting to choose greatly impacts the performance of the retail space.

It is tempting to go with plain concrete, especially in cost conscious establishments such as discount retail chains. Unfortunately, plain concrete generally gives off a cold or industrial vibe. This could be desirable in some cases, but it’s not likely to help sell produce, clothing, or home-wares. The design of the retail space should encourage customers to spend more time in the store and plain concrete seldom achieves this goal.

Color can drastically improve the performance of the shopping environment, but not all colors have the same impact. Numerous studies have been conducted and are available online regarding the psychological effects. When choosing a color, select something that will convey the right emotions and work with existing styles and themes. For larger, commercial projects, integral pigment is the best choice. It creates consistent, durable color with minimal additional labor demands.

Multiple colors can be used to even greater effect. By using different colors in different spaces, you can create multiple “moods” within the same space, direct foot traffic, or draw attention to key points. The children’s section might benefit from a brighter, more saturated color. A special are for sales will stand out if it’s a different color. Different colors can be achieved by pouring multiple integrally colored pads or by staining and dying.

It may seem like a small detail, but flooring makes up a major portion of the visible area in any given structure. To neglect it is to miss an opportunity to positively influence the habits of customers. Turn your commercial floor into a selling aid by using the right color.