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Solomon Colors Mortar Colors are available in unique pre-weighed and pre-measured amounts to assure accurate color consistency. The A, H, and X series offer 60 standard colors pre-measured for use in mortar and other mixes. Distributors across the country carry Solomon Colors Mortar Colors, ensuring fast delivery and easy availability. As with our other coloring products, the Solomon Colors Color Laboratory can assist in color-matching and custom blending, making your project exciting and bringing your design to life. Whether you are building a new home or a new home field, Solomon Colors is the most trusted mortar color.



for Homeowners

Information for Homeowners

Mortar joint makes up about 20% of the surface of a brick wall so coloring the mortar has a significantly enhances the appearance of a home. Solomon Colors Mortar Color is an easily enriches the look of your brick home at a modest cost above non-colored mortar. Take a look at the pictures below to see how coloring the mortar improves the appearance of the brick or stone wall. Adding mortar color to your home is an easy choice.

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Plain Mortar (No Mortar Color)
 Same Brick with SGS 20H Mortar Color
 Plain Mortar (No Mortar Color)
 Same Brick with SGS 45H Mortar Color
for Architects

Information for Architects

Solomon Colors Mortar Colors have set the standard for decades as the most consistent and most frequently specified mortar colors. Our consistent coloring and depth of color choices enhance the beauty and value of brick, stone, and colored concrete block. Since the mortar joint makes up about 20% of a brick structure’s surface area, coloring the mortar enhances the building’s appearance. You can choose from 60 standard A, H, and X series colors or use our Color Laboratory to custom-match colors to perfectly fit your design.


Our Mortar Colors are on Autodesk Seek  (Revit Project File with Accompanying Image Files)

for Contractors

Information for Contractors

Mason Contractors rely on Solomon Colors Mortar Colors to provide consistent and reliable colors, making their job easier. All Solomon Colors Mortar Colors are shipped in pre-weighed and pre-measured packages, making work at the job site faster and easier. Each package, designed as one color unit, is added to one bag of prepared masonry cement or the weight equivalent of portland and lime mortars.

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